$249.99 $399.99 saving $150.00


$249.99 $399.99 saving $150.00

BEIR smart toilet seats with bidet functionality use the naturally soothing quality of water as a refreshing alternative to toilet paper - providing gentle, hygienic cleansing.

Thoughtfully designed with advanced technology that to provide the best, most comfortable bathroom experience. Relax on the heated seat and fully control your bidet including water temperature and pressure. 

Wash features

- Patented 3 nozzles wash system (feminine, posterior, and turbo)
- Bubble infused water stream
- Self-cleaning stainless steel wand
- Oscillating wash mode
- One click auto mode / child mode
- 3 water temperature setting
- 5 water pressure setting
- Nozzle position control

Convenience features

- Easy to use control panel
- Warm air dryer 
- Temperature adjustable seat
- Softclose seat and lid
- Quick release for simple cleaning
- Anti-bacteria seat and lid material
- Swappable nozzle tip
- Automatic power saver
- Safety sensor
- 1-year warranty

Ultimate Wash Technology

Innovating and leading the industry on the most critical function of a modern bidet seat, we are pushing comfort and personal cleanliness to new levels. BEIR's state-of-the-art wash system and nozzle design increases water flow and softens it with bubbles as it forms a stream, providing the most efficient cleaning systems with unparalleled comfort.

  • Best in class heating system

    Reliable, consistent, hygienic.

    BEIR's wash system is designed around a tank-based heating system. Which is the gold standard in reliability and consistent water temperature.

    Unlike our peers, our unique and patented design regularly cleans and drains inside the tank even when the seat isn't in use, ensuring the reserved warm water is always fresh.

  • Signature nozzle design

    Differentiating from the rest, our nozzle has a signature 3-in-1 design.

    Feminine wash uses an widened flat nozzle for a wider and more gentle wash. Posterior wash uses a smooth round nozzle for higher water output for more satisfying cleansing. The "turbo" wash model is a patented mode that uses a stronger swirling stream, recognized by health professionals as a natural remedy to alleviate bowel discomfort and constipation.

  • Advanced oscillating wand

    A powerful motor and belt guide mechanism behind the wand generates fluid back and forth movement.

    With a push of a button the water stream transforms into an oscillating wash pattern that provide a wider wash area and a soothing massage.

  • Self-cleaning stainless-steel wand

    Advanced self-cleaning mechanism thoroughly washes the wand while flushing it with high pressure water, flushing out any impurities.

    The wand is made out of a single piece of stainless steel, improving durability and cleaniness.