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 BEIR is broadly compatible with 95%+ of toilets out there. With the exception of some Kohler toilets with deep french curves. 

Check with us if you are unsure at Service@beirbidet.com

Double check sizing of your toilet with these three measurements.  
Installation is simple and intuitive. There are 6 major steps. No extra plumbing is required, and all you need is a few common household tools. 
Step 1
Turn off toilet water supply, and flush the tank to drain remaining water
Step 2
Disconnect existing hose to tank and connect included “T-valve” 
Step 3
After remove existing toilet seat, insert rubber nuts into fixing holes on  the toilet 
Step 4
Align and screw in seat mounting plate. The position of this plate is adjustable for optimal fit 
Step 5
Slide in bidet onto mounting plate. Hear a “click” 
Step 6
Attach bidet water supply hose. And Voila!