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In many developed countries, electric bidet seats are a daily necessity. People use it at home, work, and public places because it’s better – a far superior hygiene solution than toilet paper, a far more comfortable experience than a traditional toilet seat.

Our purpose is to make it easy for people to experience a better lifestyle.

Our history

In 2003, we saw the emergence and rapid growth of electronic bidets in Japan and Korea and established ourselves as an innovator and manufacturer of advanced electronic bidet seats.

Under various brands, our products are distributed in 30 countries worldwide, with a strong focus in China, Korea, and Japan. In 2004, we acquired the Medical Appliance Manufacturing License in Korea, and US patent for “Enema wash” – a signature feature that naturally eases constipation and prevents hemorrhoid formation.

In 2016 we launched BEIR in the U.S. market to bring the best of our product experience directly to Consumers, with tailored design and features specific to the North American market.. 

Our partner network around the world

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